Medication Therapy Management

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Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management | DNA Pharmacy & Health Systems - Houston, TX

DNA Pharmacy & Health Systems offers superb medical therapy management services to customers in the Houston, TX area. It is important to realize that not all pharmacies offer this valuable service. We do it as a form of a thank you for trusting us with your business.

Before any medication therapy management begins, expect to sit down with one of our trained professionals for a free initial consultation. During this time, we will ask a variety of questions to find out about your health conditions, lifestyle, medical history, age, financial resources, and other pertinent factors.

Over the years, we have realized that many customers have concerns regarding medications. Because of this, we started providing medication therapy management services. A branch of this service involves patient counseling. Patient counseling is particularly needed for patients dealing with extremely high stress levels, like those recently released from the hospital after undergoing an arduous surgery. It is easy to forget about medications, or to take too many.

People with mental conditions like depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and others can easily mismanage medications. Parents of medication dependent children may be pressed for time and forget about dispensing medications as prescribed. Our patient counseling services can help. We will sort things out for everyone involved. Sometimes the solution is as simple as recommending a daily pill dispenser.

People living alone commonly do not take medications as prescribed. Industry research finds that some people just have a sense of hopelessness and despair about taking medications. Others are simply unable to afford the prescribed medications. This is where medical therapy management comes in handy. We will work to find a solution for you and your family.

Stay ahead of the medication game in the Houston, TX area by dealing with DNA Pharmacy & Health Systems. We guarantee success!