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Immunization | DNA Pharmacy & Health Systems - Houston, TX

DNA Pharmacy & Health Systems provides professional grade, industry recommended immunization services in the Houston, TX area.

Our experts are highly trained to understand the intricacies involved with all types of immunizations. We have the knowledge about all ingredients, the effects upon the body, and the scientific research backing each type of immunization. We take great pride in offering professional, unbiased and insightful information about this highly controversial topic.

Many schools require each child be immunized prior to starting the school year. Many parents are confused about where to turn for these immunization shots. Be assured that our children’s immunization shots are produced by highly competent, professional manufacturers. If you are concerned about the source, simply ask our experts. We love sharing factual data that informs, inspires, and assists.

Everyone who visits us for any type of immunization will receive a certificate of administration. Many schools, employers, and other entities may ask for proof. This is your proof. We will always provide two copies, or more if necessary. One copy is for your records, and the other copy is for the requesting party. There is no charge for these documents.

Immunization is not just for children. You may need one for the flu, mumps, diphtheria, whooping cough, or other potential risks. Getting immunized keeps your body protected from developing these harmful conditions.

Customers love how our immunization services are convenient, reliable, and affordable. Many immunizations are covered by health insurance plans. Instead of worrying about dealing with the industry, let our highly trained professionals take care of everything. We are pros at understanding the insurance industry and its terminology, working with agents, and handling all paperwork.

Be safe, and have your immunization needs in the Houston, TX area handled by the trained experts at DNA Pharmacy & Health Systems. We look forward to helping you!